Lounge-bar "Norma Jean"
The complex of country rest "Alye Parusa" settles down on the picturesque coast of the lake. Not to get lost, be guided, as Assol, to the ship! It costs in the complex territory, near an extensive playground, and is ready to accept on the board all wishing people – from crowd of children with the piracy captain at the head, to a wedding tuple, which can here not only be photographed, but even can to arrange marriage ceremony. It is possible to be photographed and near monumental Don Quixote and Sancho Panso which welcome guests astride, in full rigging. Nearby are tents of a summer verandah, in which it will be comfortable even in cool day. To a beach the beautiful avenues carry, one of which sees off guests to specially led out zone of a barbecue.
"Norma Jean"'s double hall is decorated especially: the art-deco and pop-art are mixed up in rattling cocktail. On all walls there are mosaic laid out patterns in pin-ap style, multi-layer illumination and futuristic furniture. All of this is remind fashionable night club of the megalopolis. A great place for a glamour party and fun parties.
The focus of restaurant "Alye Parusa" is in that this is place for all categories of guests, whether it be the brutal company, partners in business, children's jumble or gilded youth. Everyone will find to himself a corner to taste, and everybody will be inhaled by exciting flavor of a fresh planed tree, and will take pleasure in the nature and will evaluate heartiest welcome.
Menu of lounge-bar "Norma Jean"
The rich menu of our hall offers to our visitors a set of pleasant foods and drinks. In this hall, as in each of other halls of our restaurant complex "Alye Parusa", you are waited by the pleasant atmosphere and excellent mood!
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